Geological Behavior (GBR)

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Geological Behavior (GBR)

Our world is made of rock. Although much of the Earth’s surface is covered by vegetation, concrete or water, if one digs down far enough solid rock will always be found. Rocks are the foundations of the landscape and the origin of the soil. They even affect the weather. For example, the coastal mountains of the Tropics trap rain-laden clouds from the moist ocean breezes. Over the ages, rain erodes the rocks at an imperceptible rate creating the lofty crags, ridges, valleys, gorges and spectacular waterfalls which form the dramatic landscape. These eroded fragments Rock fragments accumulate on lower slopes to form a variety of soils which in turn support a range of forest types. Those who live in a landscape where rock outcrops are obvious will have wondered about the kind of rocks they are looking at and how they came to be where they are now. Geological Behavior (GBR) explains in simple terms what geology can tell us about the world. Many objects of great beauty and which excite our curiosity, such as crystals or fossils, are to be found by examining rocks.

Aims & Scope

Geological Behavior (GBR) publishes original research across a broad range of subfields in geology, including geophysics, geochemistry, sedimentology, geomorphology, petrology, plate tectonics, volcanology, environmental geology, medical geology, structural geology, mineralogy, and planetary sciences. Many of its articles have wide appeal for geologists, present research of topical relevance, and offer new geological insights through the application of innovative approaches and methods. This journal is devoted to the publication of research papers, short notes or communications, reports and reviews in all fields that are of general relevance to geology and different landscapes formation in the world. Contributions are subject to peer review and editorial control according to SCI guidelines to ensure that the required standard of scientific excellence is maintained.

Peer Review Policy
All peer review is single blind and submission is online via Editorial Manager.

Article publishing charge
There is no APC from 2017 to 2021. Authors will pay $300 only from 2022 onwards..

Submission charges
There are no submission charges for this journal.

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