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This page contains answers to the most common questions people ask about volunteering with the United Nations.
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What are the stages of an article/manuscript publishing process ?

  1. Article Submission through online/mail.
  2. Article Receipt Acknowledgement
  3. Peer Review Process
  4. Revision of article / Rejection of article
  5. Article acceptance and Article Processing Charge Payment
  6. Submission of Author Copyright form
  7. Article proofs sent to author
  8. Corrected proofs returned by author
  9. Online First – Article available online in “Article in Press” section
  10. Journal Issue available online
  11. Article published (in print and/or final electronic version)

How do I submit my article ?

Please submit your article online. Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times. Please click “Submit Your Article” on the specific journal’s page or the common menu bar. The link “Submit Your Article” leads you directly to the submission system used by that journal.

Where can i find instructions for a specific journal ?

Please go to the homepage of the journal you have chosen for your publication. To access the journal page, please choose “Journals” tab in the main menu. From there you can click the “Author Guidelines” button or “Gudie for Authors” menu. Also the common instruction is available in “Instruction” tab of main menu.

What types of articles will the journal accept ?

The journals accept Original Full Length Research Articles, Reviews, Short Communications, etc.,. For more details please refer journal’s Guide for Authors.

What electronic file types can i use to submit my article?

Our Submission System only accepts the article submission with MS Word file. For more details please refer journal’s Guide for Authors.

How long will it take to peer review my manuscript ?

We aim to provide a service that is faster than traditional journals, without compromising the quality of the peer review process. The peer review process will be done in 10 days for most manuscripts.

Can I submit my manuscript to Zibeline Journals even though it has been published elsewhere?

No. We only accept original articles, that is to say, manuscripts already published would be rejected. But if you have other unpublished manuscripts, you can submit them to our journals.

When should I submit my papers? Are there any deadlines?

You can submit your manuscript at anytime. As long as the submitted paper is accepted and peer-reviewed successfully, it would be published in the upcoming issue.

What is the next step after my article acceptance?

You need to fill up Copright Agreement and we will send you galley proof for publication

What is Open Access ?

Open access is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. Open access is also increasingly being provided to theses, scholarly monographs and book chapters.The journal allows free online access to its contents, which is likely to attract more readers and citations to articles published in Zibeline.

Can I receive the proof of my article before Publish ?

Yes. After receipt of payment, the author will get the uncorrected proof of article for proof checking and type setting corrections. Then the author should send their requested corrections through mail.

When my article available online?

Once the editorial team received the author proof checking and corrections details, immediately the correction will be made and then the article will be published with one day. Initially it will be published in Article in Press section of journal’s page. Then it will be published in upcoming issue.

Can I still make corrections to my article after it has been published ?

No. Once the article published, the authors cannot make corrections further since it is published online as well as other indexing sources.

Can I provide with a PDF file of my article?

Yes. All of our journals publishing the articles as Open Access. Anyone can get the pdf version of your article from our journal’s individual archives pages.

How can i order offprints or Print copy of Journal Issue ?

If you need the Printed version of Journal’s specific issue, you have to mail to the journal’s chief editor. To receive hardcopy, you have to pay for it. The payment details has to be mailed as reply of your request. Not only authors of our journals, anyone from academics or industry can get the hard copy of the journal.

What is Journal Impact Factor ?

The Journal Impact Factor is a journal performance metric produced annually by Thomson Reuters. The Journal Impact Factor reflects the citation use of a scholarly work by the surrounding literature; it is not directly applicable to the evaluation of individual papers, authors or other non-journal collections.A journal’s impact factor is based on two elements: the numerator, which is the number of cites in the current year to any items published in the journal in the previous 2 years; and the denominator, the number of substantive articles (source items*) published in the same 2 years

How can I approach for new book publication with Zibeline International Publishing ?

You can find the online application form in the Publish a New Book publication tab in any of the main menus. You have to fill it and the further communication will be sent from the publication office.

Can the publisher provide proper ISBN for books?

Yes. At the time of publication, the book will be published with proper ISBN.

Is it need to pay for books ?

It is depend upon the author’s interest. If the author permit the books to publish freely, anyone can get the book as Free; otherwise you have to pay money for books depends on its cost.

How can I start a New Journal with Zibeline

You can find the online application form in the Launch A New Journal tab in any of the main menus. You have to fill it and the further communication will be sent from the publication office.

How can i publish special issue in Zibeline Journals?

You can find the online application form in “Publish A Special Issue” tab in any of the main menus. You have to fill it and the further communication will be sent from the publication office.